Hainan Healthcare Laboratories Co., Ltd. was founded by Hong Kong Healthcare in November 1996. It is an Austrian-English-Hong Kong owned company integrated with manufacturing facilities, sales and R&D.

The factory was installed in 2004 and the GMP Certificate has been successfully received at the same year. In 2005 a dermatology and raw material workshop have also been installed for the expansion of the choices of our customers.

Currently the factory base includes oral form production workshop, dermatology workshop, raw material workshop, R&D center, staff training center, QC and other facilities.

We have a challenging and inspiring mission: to improve the quality of human life by our environmental, innovative, efficacious and high quality products to combat disease.

Our major therapeutic areas are pharmaceutical raw materials, internal medicine and dermatology.

Our history

Healthcare has a rich history that goes back to seventies of the last century. Mr. GWH Cautherley, our Managing Director established Healthcare in the 1970s with the logo Seahorse with the meaning ¡°Everything was started from the ocean¡±. The company first started with distribution of some of today worldwide famous pharmaceutical companies. Then it has been started to distribute products from different countries all over the world and to expand its product range by creating dental, research and diagnostics departments.

Hainan Healthcare Laboratories Co., Ltd. is one of the latest projects established by Mr. GWH Cautherley and his Austrian and Hong Kong partners. With this project, Mr. Cautherley once again tries to implement his successful company strategies and culture to supply ¡°High Quality, Innovation, Efficacious and Environmental¡± to improve the quality of human life.

Healthcare Laboratories Ltd. is deeply committed to meeting the needs of all our customers and to helping change millions of lives for the better through providing access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them.

It recognizes that these needs are best met by continuing to develop and provide superior products and services through innovation, research and development, and quality control. The respect shown to customers and the community, however, is also apparent between colleagues-every Healthcare staff member contributes to the culture of respecting each other and each other¡¯s ideas.